Painting (commercial, new construction, residential)

ProTime offers the highest quality painting and wall-covering services to the Philadelphia and surrounding Tri-State Areas, both commercial and residential  We specialize in fine interiors and can compete a job up to a Level 5 finish, where drywall is taped, given a first and second coat of spackle, sanded, skim-coated, then sanded again.  Final inspection is done under a strong light to check for imperfections, perfect for ceilings, areas of extreme lighting, and anywhere a high gloss or high quality finish is preferred.  

Years of experience make detailed architecture and hard tor each places easy to handle.  Our knowledgeable team will repair and install drywall as well as remove and hang wallpaper.  ProTime's experienced crew prides itself on cleanliness, organization, and reliability.  We have recently worked with such notable projects such as "The Atlantic Building" in Center City Philadelphia, "Presidential City", and "The Piazza".  Call us today for a free quote.